The Gathering of the Eagles – Part Two

The Gathering of the Eagles – Part Two

Chapter Ten – For The Harvest Of The Earth Is Ripe

The tribulation, the holocaust, Armageddon, whatever you want to call it, seems to be almost upon us. Now, I don’t want to come across as a doomsday prophet, but we are at the end of an age. The signs seem to be all about.

Astrologically, it is the end of the Piscean Age and the start of that of Aquarius. For those less inclined to the so-called pseudo-science, the Israelites have a homeland. One solid sign from the bible that the age is closing.

We possess the means to annihilate all life on the planet through atomic weapons and now seem on the verge of it by actually talking about using them. There seems to be more and increasing moral corruption in all quarters of the affuent world, while the rest of it starves to death, and on and on and on. There are many publications that look in depth at supporting the arguments that the New Age is almost here.

It’s not my role to convince anyone of that, nor is it my role to deal with the negative side of the event to any great depth. My role is concerned with the New Age, and the “seeds of time”, the seeds of the garden of the new age.

But what of the autumn and winter which will precede the spring in this new garden? Briefly, here is what I’ve been given.

The things I have been shown run roughly along with the metaphors in the Bible, but not exclusively so. It would appear that the time of tribulation will occur in its beginning stages in North America, the new Babylon. In fact, given the economic crisis, and world wide humiliations that the United States have endured in just these past couple of years, it may already have started.

The main event, though, I believe, will be triggered by something catastrophic happening in North America. My best guess is an earthquake of unprecedented magnitude in the area of Southern California, more volcanic activity and so on. Natural events, so to speak. In fact, the sequence I saw was one of natural disaster followed very quickly by economic collapse, followed by a nuclear attack! And I was further shown that the attack would be precipitated by some action of the Pentagon. That was even alluded to in the writings of Nostradamus from the 1500’s.

In August of 1979 I received a message through a medium that was so astounding I didn’t want to face it. I was told that the period of tribulation that would start with the destruction of America, would end with the passing of a comet, such that the earth would in effect be sterilized by fire. That all life, except that which was sort of divinely protected, would be extinguished. To tell the truth, I’d been told about the comet in 1976, and I hadn’t wanted to face it then either. So I blotted it out of my mind.

I was in an occult bookstore in Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) one afternoon, just browsing around. In fact, I had felt rather compelled to go there. Anyway, not long after I was there, a strange looking fellow approached me and said he had something to tell me, and that we should step outside.

When we’d left the store he told me about the comet. That it would be sort of the exclamation point at the end of the age. He said, “This will be the sign that the comet is coming.” He said, “When there is a civil war in Iran, strange things will happen. A man with a funny name starting with “K” will come to power through this disruption. He’ll be like a crazy man…. and that will be your sign that the comet is on its way.”

It was so stark, so ominous, that I told Sharon about the encounter, then promptly shoved it out of my mind. Then, what was it, four years later we sat and watched as the news programs reported the arrival from France of the Ayatollah Khomeine, to take charge after the flight of the Shah! Sharon asked, “What did that guy tell you in 1976?” Well, it all came back with a bang!

At the time of the encounter in 1976, Iran was the west’s keystone of defense in the Middle East. There was no country more stable, or so it appeared, than Iran. To talk about a revolution there was ludicrous, right?

…. we refer to the last verse of Luke, Chapter 17;
“And they answered and said unto him, where to Lord? And he said unto them, Wheresoever the body is, thither will the eagles be gathered together.”

Do you know what the eagle is? It’s a very high symbol. No matter what the culture, or where you come from, the eagle is always the highest symbol, excluding of course those cultures where the eagle didn’t live.

In nature the eagle is the highest flying bird, the only creature in nature that can look directly into the sun and not destroy its eyes. From that you can draw the analogy to these certain people who are like eagles, spiritual eagles. They can look into the light of God, euphemistically, the sun, without being destroyed. You know, that analogy to the eagles has come time and time again when referring to the likes of you, to whom I’m speaking.

THE CODE WORD IS EAGLES! And the eagles are being gathered together.

High on a mountain
overlooking the valleys,
two men stand looking down
upon the place of refuge.

One of them,
the younger of the two, asks
“Are the eagles all here?
are they all safe?”

The older one, with weather-beaten features,
in farmer’s clothes,
raises his right arm and makes
a wave-like motion towards the sky.

The air is suddenly filled
with a multitude of shining figures,
some so bright
they seem next to invisible.

Beams of rainbow colored lights
flash to the older one
and then he says

“Yes, my son,
the Eagles are all safe;
the Eagles are home
for the night.

My main role is with those Eagles. Waking them up, making them aware. The ‘body’ of believers will remain totally unaware until after the event. Then it becomes the job of the Eagles to explain what has happened.

Again too, I’d like to stress that this discussion of the ‘Christ’ is of a spiritual, not religious nature. There are no boundaries here as far as religious dogma, one does not ‘have it over’ the other, one isn’t better than the other. For these purposes, those that have it, so to speak, over the others, are those that have achieved the Christ Consciousness, regardless of whether or not they’ve labelled it as such.
Speaking of waking them up, the Eagles that is, very strange things will occur preceding the holocaust. There will be a light that will be seen around the world simultaneously. It will be visible to the naked eye, everybody will see it, and it will occur right before the action. It is the sign of the start. It’s really so hard to believe, but it’s the sign that the final tribulations are about to start…. WITH A BANG!

This is believed to be the vision that was given to those girls at Fatima. They passed on the information to the Roman Catholic Church in Rome and it was viewed only by Pope John XXIII, who is said to have paled when he read it, not revealing to the world its contents. Officially at any rate.

Fatima, however, wasn’t the only place where this was revealed. Nostradamus writes of it. John the Revelator in Revelations saw it. The beginning of Chapter 18;

“I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power. And the Earth was lighted by his glory.”

Then he goes on to talk about the destruction of Babylon, the U.S. many believe; about this most affluent place being destroyed by fire in one hour.

“… Babylon the great is fallen…” (then verse 8) “therefore shall her plagues come in one day. Death, mourning and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire; for strong is the God who judgeth her.”
“… for in one hour such great riches is come to naught.”

So there it is. At the beginning of that chapter of Revelations John saw an angel having great authority come and light the world with his splendor. And it will be unnatural because we can’t conceive of the whole globe being lit at the same time.

Then it goes on to talk about the sleeping souls being taken out just before all hell breaks loose. In verse 4 John says;

“and I heard a voice from heaven saying, come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

Then comes the destruction, while the world watches;

“And the kings of the Earth who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her and lament her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning. Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, ‘Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour is thy judgement come.’ ”

Now, what does that describe? What is the wealthiest, most affluent place on the globe right now? The Babylon of modern times? I would say that’s a pretty vivid picture of North America.

As I’ve said before, my concern is with the counter-action that will happen with the ‘seeds of time’, the ‘seeds of the future’. The positive people. When they are taken out of an area, that area will collapse on itself. It’s as if these people are the keystones of the society of which they are a part.

When every positive person is taken from Vancouver (Canada) that city will die. The negativity will just kill it. And that’s why the reference to Noah and Lot. As soon as they’d departed.. the roof fell in. I think this shows that the world will continue as usual until those keystones are removed.

Chapter Eleven – The New Garden

The Pockets

On a planet
going through a time of great change,
its magnetic blanket rewoven,
its continents and seas overturned,
its races of humanity
tossing to and fro
in a fever of annihilation,
there are those places
as if by divine intervention
wherein dwell
the seeds of the future…
“the seeds of Time”.

Here a series of mountain valleys
will protect and nourish
the highest strains of humanity
against the harshness of this
winter of humanity,
just like acorns
lying snug and warm
beneath a blanket of snow,
holding within their core
the promise of
a “New Tomorrow”.

It’s as if there are seeds, or a species of people, that are being brought into cocoons like caterpillars. Then, winter strikes the garden, everything dies in the harshness of it. In the spring time, the cocoons open up and the beautiful butterfly emerges.

There is a metamorphasis going to take place inside the pockets, inside these places of supernatural safety.

It will be unnatural, supernatural, how people will live.

You know, when I was contacting people I was doing it on two levels. On one level I was delivering the message verbally, while on quite another level I was activating something that can only be described as a power circuit, a power source.

Everyone has, shall we say, one circuit that they operate on in this plane; just as if they are hooked into a power source of this plane. But the people that I contact, these Eagles, have what is best described as a second circuit compatible with a power supply not of this plane.

When the power goes off in a city, certain places such as radio stations, police departments and hospitals switch over to an auxiliary power supply and carry on. Now with people, the evolution into the material and away from the spiritual can be likened to their going onto auxiliary power years ago, operating in the material and losing entirely their primary circuit. When the things I’ve been talking about occur, the power supplying that auxiliary level will fail and that’ll be it, game over, so to speak.

Now with the sleeping souls, their primary circuits have been kept open unconsciously by themselves and their guides. The Eagles are having their primary circuit activated by contacts such as myself, and they even now are starting to draw power from that primary source. They will switch over to that primary source entirely when the power supply on the material plane fails.

These unique people, you unique people, have your primary circuit tripped already and it’s being warmed up now ready for the power failure.

When that power failure occurs, the transition to the pockets of protection will take place. In these pockets, like the analogy of a cocoon, the metamorphasis will take place and a new race, more highly evolved, will emerge into the new garden of the new age.

As I’ve said before, the initial boost will be dramatic, then there will be a gradual and steady elevation in vibration rate. At first, except for the location, things will be pretty normal as far as life function is concerned. But even this normalcy will be peculiar. You’ll eat and drink and require shelter as normal.

Now some of those in the pockets won’t be able to deal with the transition, despite the help they’ll receive as soon as they arrive. They’ll be unable to accept that they can continue living through an atomic holocaust, or perhaps they’ll return mentally to the material planes out of fondness for possessions they have left. They will die, even in the pockets. The sad part is that it will happen simply because people won’t be able to accept that they can live.

This is a very, very important task of the Eagles. They are the ones who must explain to the new kids on the block exactly what’s happened, why they are still living and how to stay that way.

It’s a job of healing of sorts. The magnitude of what is going to occur is one thing when you deal with it in the abstract, as we can only do without actually experiencing it. But dealing with it as a fact is going to be staggering enough for those of us aware and prepared, let alone for those who’ll be taken totally unawares.

The healing comes in dealing with the shock they’ll experience when it dawns on them what’s occurred. And don’t underestimate, my friends, the impact it will have. Neither underestimate its impact on you. You, however, will be able to deal with it through meditation and prayer.

You’ll have to teach these newcomers how to deal with it safely. Minds will be shattered through the dislocation of their world; everything they’ve known, held onto for security, …..gone. Only they remain, in a new and strange place. Certain people, such as yourselves, have been brought to the realization and acceptance that the world, life as it is now, will disappear. Others have not.

What they must realize is that the old image of life will change. Like an old tattered coat being sloughed off, the outer covering will change. There will be that evolutionary up-stepping going on in order to be compatible with the planetary up-stepping which will be going on simultaneously to bring about this New Garden.

Chapter Twelve – What’s Mine’s My Own

This chapter is going to be a very short one, but I feel a very important one to include.

Earlier I talked about the elevation that will occur; how the frequency rate will increase to lift “the souls” above it all. The reference to Lot’s wife turning back and becoming a pillar of salt I believe is allegorical to her lowering her vibrations to the level of the destruction that occurred, and perishing as a result.

Many people are aware that things are not right in the world, and are finally convinced that there will be a major breakdown in society. But instead of turning toward the positive, which will lift them away, they have everything you could imagine; a year’s supply of this, a ton of that. They’ve constructed underground shelters with water supplies, breathing apparatus, and they’ve gone to great lengths to protect themselves against the marauding hordes they are convinced will swoop down upon them to rape and pillage. It’s a protection built on fear, not foresight. Fear of the end, not a vision of the beginning.

You know, here it’s most applicable to quote, “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”. If these people are ready to kill others for their survival, then they will stay at the level of the destruction. They will realize their worst fears. They don’t have the faith to rise above it. Their faith is restricted to the material, to their material perceptions.

The ultimate insult is the taking of another’s life. But if one expects to, then those expectations will likely be met. To expel those ideas is a step onto the elevator to the new age. In other words, what you sow, and these are your beliefs, your fears, your expectations, will surely come back in the harvest. If the seeds are of positivity and faith, that’s what you shall reap. If not ………..

There is a good example of how protection will be provided in the old testament of the Bible. Elisha, the successor to the prophet Elijah, was pursued into the hills by an army, he and his servant or assistant. And when things were looking bleakest, the servant told Elisha that all was lost, it was hopeless. At that point, Elisha calls upon God and says, “Open his eyes, that he might see”, referring to the servant. He then saw all around them, in the sky and on the hills, a magnificent army facing the threatening ‘real’ army. This extra vision restored the faith of the servant, the faith needed for protection.

Then Elisha commanded that the army be smitten with blindness, which they were. And, blind, they were led by Elisha into captivity in Samaria, where their sight was restored. The king then wanted to kill the captives but Elisha intervened, saying that that was the worst thing to do. Instead, they should treat them as guests, prepare a feast for them, then release them. This was done and the result was that Israel was never again bothered by that nation. (Kings ll, Chapter 6).

The important points of this story are how faith and positivity removed the threat permanently, and that by treating their captives as guests, then releasing them, they won a far greater victory…. a lasting peace.

Like begets like. Violence simply draws violence. Stay on that plane and you’ll draw it to you. And that’s why I’ve never advocated the gathering of weapons for protection in this thing. If you prepare for trouble in this way, on this plane, how can you possibly rise above it? Your only weapon need be faith. It’s all you need, and it will serve you well.

Chapter Thirteen – The Guiding Light

We all have guides. Some of us are aware of them and some are not. Nevertheless, they are there and are ready and quite capable to help you develop, as long as that development is in the right direction.

Most on this plane don’t believe in them and so they are dismissed as something that children can believe in…. for a time. In fact, we’ve managed to ignore them to the point that we get along quite nicely on our own, thank you, up to a point. And that point only seems confined to this material plane. They still
hang on though, and when the time is opportune they may step in to help a person out of a jam, especially if it’ll lift them onto a new path.

One thing is for sure, however. They are only interested in the upward evolution of the human. And for that they can literally move mountains if necessary.

They’ve been described as angels, spirit helpers, devas, apparitions, spacemen (or space-women), what have you. They’ve appeared in the method by which they would be accepted…. angels, balls of light, space travellers, or elderly gentlemen.

These spiritual guides don’t appear unless it’s important to do so. Only when all other avenues are closed to them do they make a brief appearance. Even then, they don’t generally seek to give attention to themselves. The message is the thing. In this case the message isn’t the medium! Rarely do people even realize what’s occurred with a visitation until after the fact.

In 1975 I knew a young woman librarian who was at a crossroads in her life. And when I came to clean the windows at the office she worked at we would have lunch together. She would usually talk about the turmoil she was going through with her relationship with her boyfriend and so on.

This went on for months, when one day she announced that she now had two men on her mind and didn’t know which one to choose.

Not long after that meeting she told me of a further occurrence. She was in a garden of roses. Many of them looked rather sickly, but scattered here and there were some healthy beautiful flowers.

A kindly looking old man wearing white coveralls approached her and said, “How do you like my roses?”. “Fine” she replied, “but how come some are sickly and the others are so beautiful?” “I had some seeds,” he said, “and I scattered them over the garden. Some grew like this, and some like that. Now, choose the most beautiful rose, and it shall be yours”.

She said she couldn’t make up her mind, that she was unable to choose. So then the gardener moved into the garden and picked a beautiful yellow rose and gave it to her. Then he went back into the bed and picked the most beautiful red rose and gave that to her. Then he walked away.

Even while she related the incident, she was still confused about the choice. So I told her to think again about what the gardener had done. Her eyes just brightened and she said, “Menno, I know, I know which one.” The yellow rose had clearly marked out her mate, who, incidently, was the blonde one of the suitors.

Then I told her that it was no ordinary gardener she’d seen. Now, I’m not a gardener, but it’s very unusual for roses to be seeded. They’re generally grown from a cutting. The yellow rose signified her future mate, the one she would choose, and the red one was the symbol for herself.

You know, just as a matter of interest, when they were married, the weirdest thing happened. Just like a final exclamation point on it all, as they took their vows, and as soon as the minister had said, “what God joins together, let no man put asunder,” there was a terrific clap of thunder, right at the very moment, right over the church. I’m telling you, there were more than a few eyes rolled up to the ceiling when that happened.

As for the guides though, they’re with you all the time, but very rarely do they make an appearance in dreams or in the waking world.

Chapter Fourteen – The People

When I first became involved with this mission back in the early 1970’s, I used to doubt, be sceptical. But what convinced me of its validity was the people. The unique people I met. It really wasn’t the bizarre things that occurred, the way money would arrive at the right moment, or out of nowhere, or even the way events would fall into place far beyond coincidence.

It was the people. The spectrum of humanity that I touched and that touched me. All races, all regions of the earth, all religions of the earth, all creeds, philosophies, every one of them was unique.

If you’re going to have a future, a new age, then this is exactly what you need. A full spectrum. You can’t do it with only one kind of person. You need the whole range to avoid intellectual breeding.

When I sit and look back at the people that have crossed my path, it becomes very very clear that someone, somewhere, knows exactly what they’re doing.

When I get glimpses of the future, the way it’s being assembled, these foundations of the future, these seeds of the new garden, it’s apparent that there’s a pretty powerfully charged group of people being assembled. Now, charge them with positivity and their accomplishments can be limitless…

The old world can best be compared to the S. S. Titanic – opulence and engineering. A masterpiece of her time. She died! She died because of the arrogance that captured those who were charged with her care. The sheer arrogance that the ultimate calamity couldn’t happen. The arrogance that she could carry as many passengers as she wanted, they would never need the lifeboats anyway. Those at her controls arrogantly thrust her headlong into the iceberg-strewn North Atlantic almost daring the gods to do something about it.

That, my friend, is what’s happened to us. The masters on the bridge have steadfastly ignored the cautions and the warnings and have just as arrogantly run the good ship Earth into an iceberg.

Everyday, sadly, I watch another ‘guaranteed, fail-safe, water-tight’ bulkhead buckle under the pressure. You and I realize she’s going down and have taken to the boats. It’s truly no matter for rejoicing that many are blissfully unaware that anything is wrong. The ship’s crew aren’t going to tell them.

There is hope though and it lies in the fact that the next time around, there’ll be a new crew at the controls, devoid of the arrogance that blinded so many.

We are that crew.

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